At present, composite materials are mainly used in the manufacture of outer and interior parts of aerospace instruments, such as seats, ribs, interior decorations, porthole, armrest, engine cover, wing, fuselage, and diversion cover. At present, the most used composite materials in the field of aerospace are carbon fiber composites. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is […]

Flying into the sky and overlooking the earth is the dream of many people. With the improvement of science and technology, the aero models that can achieve flight and flight are becoming more and more popular. Now many aerial photographing enthusiasts want to have a sturdy and stable model to realize the fun of free […]

5, pultrusion molding process: The raw materials such as carbon fiber tow, ribbon or cloth, which are impregnated with resin liquid in advance, are formed and solidified through the effect of traction force, and continuous production of carbon fiber profiles with different sizes and lengths is continuously produced. The pultrusion forming process of composite material […]

Carbon fiber composites are widely used in various industrial products due to their superior performance and beautiful texture. At present, many components choose carbon fiber material, but because of the unique shape of many parts, when the material changes, there are many difficulties in production. Carbon fiber special-shaped parts are the higher requirements for the […]

The processing technology of carbon fiber composite materials is evolving on the basis of the characteristics of a product and according to the characteristics and application fields of materials. On the basis of light quality and high strength, carbon fiber composites take different molding processes according to the different application objects, so as to maximize […]

In the assembly of industrial products, we often meet some irregular shape parts because of the need of design. The manufacturing methods of these parts are more complex. We need a variety of equipment to make joint production. At the same time, we need 3D drawings to make specific moulds to achieve mass production. These […]

Carbon fiber Aeronautics and Astronautics

T300 carbon fiber / resin matrix composites have been widely used as structural materials on aircraft. At present, 30% of high strength medium modulus carbon fiber T800H fiber with tensile strength of 5.5GPa and 30% of fracture strain is higher than that of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites are important materials for […]

Carbon fiber composites

Development and strategic position of carbon fiber composites The emergence of carbon fiber is a revolution in the history of materials. Carbon fiber is the first choice of high performance materials in the world. It has many excellent properties, such as high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, electrical conductivity, light quality and […]

Carbon fiber battery box

At present, the electric vehicle industry is the most potential market in the new energy field, and the major R & D manufacturers of electric vehicles are conducting technical public relations on electric vehicles. In the electric vehicle frame, the battery box has a certain influence on the vehicle’s weight and safety. Battery is the […]

Carbon fiber medical bedplate

With the continuous progress of medical technology, medical equipment is constantly innovating and developing. High precision technology is used in medical equipment, and the requirements for the products are very high. Carbon fiber composites are becoming more and more widely used in medical equipment because of their light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and high […]