Rectangular/Square/Bent Carbon Fiber Tubes

Compared with common round shape carbon fiber tube which made by roll wrapped process, rectangular /square carbon fiber tube made by vacumm pumping process of autoclave. it ask for inner mold and outer mold, and need more rigorous production,manufacturing scheme and feasibility plan analysi to produce product. so the production is more complex.

For Rectangular/square tubes, through years of production accumulation, we have a wide variety of molds that can produce tube outer diameter ranging from 6.5mm-260mm

And we have professional CNC  processing techniques,can punch round holes,parallel holes,rotation angle holes,single holes ,through holes and tube sloting,parallel sloting,rotation sloting.

Custom size is avaiable, Please provide us with the drawings to get the pricing.  Contact us Now:

Regular hot sale size(In stock): 

Square Carbon Tube(ODxIDxLength ) Square Carbon Tube(ODxIDxLength )
6x4x1000mm  1mm thick 19x16x1000mm 1.5mm thick
8x6x1000mm  1mm thick 20x16x1000mm 2mm thick
10x8x1000mm 1mm thick 20x18x1000mm 1mm thick
9x7x1000mm 1mm thick 20x17x1000mm 1.5mm thick
11x9x1000mm 1mm thick 21x19x1000mm 1mm thick
12x10x1000mm 1mm thick 22x18x1000mm 1mm thick
13x11x1000mm 1mm thick 24x22x1000mm 1mm thick
14x12x1000mm 1mm thick 25x21x1000mm 2mm thick
15x13x1000mm 1mm thick 25x22x1000mm 1.5mm thick
16x13x1000mm 1.5mm thick 25x23x1000mm 1mm thick
16x14x1000mm 1mm thick 26x24x1000mm 1mm thick
17x15x1000mm 1mm thick 30x26x1000mm 2mm thick
18x16x1000mm 1mm thick 30x27x1000mm 1.5mm thick
19x17x1000mm 1mm thick 30x28x1000mm 1mm thick
carbon fiber angle

Carbon fiber angle


Rectangular carbon tube

Square carbon tube

Braided carbon fiber tube

Braided carbon fiber tube

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Rectangular carbon fiber tube

Rectangular carbon fiber tube  Get A Free Quote Now: