Shenzhen Cai Nan Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and distributor of carbon fiber products. Founded in 2010, located in Shenzhen,China, we have our own production workshop and CNC machining workshop.

We specializing in carbon fiber sheet and cnc precised machining, carbon fiber pipes, aluminum alloy processing and customized carbon fiber parts.

Main Product:

1) Precise carbon fiber CNC machining,  include cutting/drilling/sinking/chamfering, printing LOGO, custom assembling and packing is available.

2)Customized carbon fiber irregular part/tube.

3)Roll Wrapped Carbon fiber tube, pultrusion carbon fiber tube/rod/strip.

4)Hot Press Carbon fiber sheet.

5)Color grass fiber tube with carbon fiber texture, customized fiberglass tube.

6)Aluminum alloy CNC machining.

About payment:  bank transfer/PayPal online payment.

Our goal is to strive for continuous growth in the field of carbon fiber products. Loyalty to customers and long-term development together. Looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!

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