How to Make roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes

How to make roll wrapped  carbon fiber tubes/composite tubes

Roll wrapped is a excellent construction method help carbon fiber realize multiple shapes for a variety of application.

Roll wrapped process means wrapping carbon fiber around a metal mandrel . so making a metal mandrel is the first step, the mandrel which can match the inner diameter of carbon fiber tubes with sufficient length ,also with the fixture that enter the oven’s work.when we get a OEM order, we will do the tubing and mold design . when mandrel mold is ready, we will cut the carbon fiber prepreg into the size based on the tubing dimension. then wrap the prepreg fabric around the metal mandrel, compact the tube with cellophane tape.

How to cure the resin after tubing formed. Cure the tube in  A large high-temperature oven that can hang the metal mandrel device.  after solidifies, extract the mandrel, remove the cellophane compaction tape and trimming the end.the unground carbon fiber tube is done.

For a more beautiful surface, the tubes will be polished, spray painting to make it be glossy finish , matte finish or other color paint, then dry it in the oven.
Final step, clean it and cut it into the required length ,pack it with PE bag. (Custom LOGO will be proceed after cutting)