Special forces military equipment is one of the best, whether it is weapons, protective clothing, helmets are made of the best materials, to take the helmet, the elite troops are using the helmet are new materials carbon fiber.

So why use carbon fiber material? What is special about it? First look at its physical properties, carbon fiber helmet was black, weaving lines above, walk in the dark without fear of being detected by the enemy. It’s light weight, there is no sense of oppression on the head. Take a look at its mechanical properties. Although its density is small, the strength is great, when the head is hit, can withstand a large part of the force, to protect the safety of users. Its tensile modulus is also great, not easy to damage, long service life. The chemical properties of carbon fiber is stable, free from the corrosion of acid-base salts and alcohols. Due to the mission’s needs, the special forces may have to enter various places, such as the harsh desert, sticky swamps, factories full of chemical waste, etc. The human skin is very fragile and the anti-corrosion performance of carbon fibers can also be protected effect. The most important point is that carbon fiber is non-toxic and pollution-free and does not cause any harm to the human body.

Read the above content, I believe you know why carbon fiber can be used to make special forces helmets it. Special Forces faced the danger of large, natural protection devices have to be the best. The initial use of carbon fiber was also made in the military, and later used in sporting goods, medical devices, building reinforcement and other fields. It is really a versatile material.

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