As a new material, carbon fiber has the properties of high strength, light weight, high temperature resistance, creep resistance, earthquake resistance and strong in design advantages, has been used in many fields of aerospace industry, automotive high iron, sports and entertainment, medical etc. However, its expensive price prohibitive for many people. So why is the price of carbon fiber so high?

1, the production cost is high: carbon fiber precursor is polyacrylonitrile fiber, viscose fiber or fiber asphalt base under high temperature oxidation, carbonization and graphitization in the spinning, need several draft (including boiling waterstretching, high temperature steam drawing) and dry density, energy consumption. In the carbonization process, also need 24 hours of uninterrupted start-up, maintain high temperature, consume a lot of energy.

2, high technology requirements: the production of carbon fiber is a very complex system engineering, which contains a series of physical and chemical reactions. The mechanism of some reactions has not yet been thoroughly studied, and the equipment needed for some reactions is difficult to meet the higher requirements. With the progress of the times, the requirements for carbon fiber performance are also increasing, and the development of higher strength and higher modulus carbon fiber needs a large amount of money.

3, the monopoly of Technology: the core production technology of carbon fiber is only in the hands of a few developed countries such as Japan and the United States, and the price is determined by them. They prohibit the exportation of technology and the export of high-performance carbon fibers, and have introduced relevant laws. In 2013, it was reported that a Chinese man was sentenced to 5 years in the United States for illegal procurement of space class carbon fiber. In addition to the current zhongfushenying just to achieve the T800 level of carbon fiber production process, carbon fiber production in China is still T700, even T300, and Japan in the early 2014 has successfully developed high level carbon fiber T1100.

Carbon fiber is more expensive, but for the application market, the cost should be compared by emphasizing its high performance. For example, automotive carbon fiber composite materials not only need to calculate the cost of parts and components, but also calculate the comprehensive benefits brought by carbon fiber materials to the sustainable development of society, such as energy saving, emission reduction and green environmental protection. This is also the value of the high performance material which is different from the traditional material.

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