The earliest discovery of carbon fiber was made in 1879 by a perfect combination of carbon atoms. With high strength and hardness, light weight. In 1970s, the price of every kilogram of carbon fiber needed 2000 dollars, and in 1980s, the price dropped to 100 yuan per kilogram. In 2009, the global output reached 40 thousand tons, and the price only needed 25 dollars. Experts expect it to reach 140 thousand tons by the time of 2020, and it is becoming more and more popular.

Carbon fiber itself has a limited range of use. In most applications, it must be woven into cloth and pre impregnated, such as resin. The carbon chain arranged in this way can act as a reinforcement, similar to that the steel bar plays a supporting role in the reinforced concrete. Compared with the steel made parts, the same product weight of carbon fiber resin is 75% lighter, but the hardness is 3 times high and the strength is 10 times higher. Strategic weapons and aerospace are the earliest areas of carbon fiber. It has good heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures above 2000 degrees. High speed objects are subjected to strong friction and generate high temperatures. If there is no good high-temperature resistance, they will easily burn. In addition, carbon fiber and other materials have good compatibility, and can be used in combination.

Why is carbon fiber becoming more and more popular? In addition to the superior performance, the gradual civilian price, there is also an important reason, that is, a wide range of use. In addition to the strategic arms and aerospace fields mentioned above, it can also be used to make sporting goods, medical devices, building materials, bathroom furniture, gift jewelry and so on. Now people are still working to use it in more industries and believe that it will be more and more widely used in the future.

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