Is there any kind of material, such as hair and tough as solid as rocks light weight, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion, not afraid of good stability and long service life? Carbon fiber can meet the above requirements. It is not only flexible and rigid, but also has good thermal conductivity, electronic shielding property and excellent performance. It is a material supported by the state.

Carbon fiber is a kind of artificial material, the gradual replacement of traditional metal materials, leading a revolution in the material industry. Nowadays, civil industry and military industry are all committed to using carbon fiber. The specific fields include automobile manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, sports equipment, medical device parts, musical instruments, sound and so on. With the support of national policy and the stimulus of market demand, China’s carbon fiber market is further expanded and competitive.

For example, carbon fiber auto parts are only half the weight of the metal parts, and the strength is a few times higher than that of the metal. The weight of each car is reduced by 10%, and the fuel consumption can be reduced by at least 5%, saving fuel and reducing exhaust emissions. The high strength of carbon fiber can ensure that it is not damaged when impacted and to ensure the safety of the passengers.

During the cold war of the United States and the Soviet Union, carbon fiber production technology was a secret, and its use solved the problem of heat-resistant weapons. It was an important military strategic material. Now, several countries have mastered the production and processing technology of common carbon fiber, but the manufacture of high modulus and high modulus carbon fiber is still classified.

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