As one of the most popular materials nowadays, carbon fiber has superior performance, high strength and light weight, and its density is only 1.8g/cm^3, and its strength is about 3500MPa. It is more durable than steel, iron and other metals, and will not rust. So, why is carbon fiber so strong?

The main component of carbon fiber is carbon, which accounts for more than 92% of the total carbon. The carbon atom is the basic element of life. It exists in many forms in nature, such as hard and transparent diamond and soft graphite. Carbon fiber is so strong that it is related to the arrangement of carbon atoms. 3D honeycomb structure is tightly bonded with bonds. It will not be damaged due to a little impact from the outside world.

And then compare carbon fibers with steel, aluminum and titanium. The density of steel is about 7.8g/cm^3, tensile strength 1.03GPa, elastic modulus 2.1GPa, strength 0.13; aluminum metal density 2.8g/cm^3, tensile strength 0.47GPa, elastic modulus 0.75GPa, strength 0.17 titanium metal density is about 4.5g/cm^3, tensile strength 0.96GPa, elastic modulus 1.14GPa, strength 0.21.

Because of these characteristics of carbon fiber, it is used in many aspects, such as aerospace manufacturing, aircraft can rocket, satellite; sports and entertainment can be used in the fishing rod, tennis rackets, golf clubs; industrial production can be processed into auto parts, mechanical arm, etc..

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