The car body is basically made of metal materials, because they are strong enough to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. The most widely used low-carbon steel plates now can meet the requirements of automobiles. The plasticity and design are excellent. Welding, heat treatment and collage are convenient. After the emergence of carbon fiber materials, because of its lightweight and high-strength characteristics, it is in line with the development requirements of vehicle lightweight. It has been used in racing cars and civil cars are gradually being used. Is carbon fiber body safe?

Carbon fiber is a new material. Its carbon content is as high as 92%, and its density is 1.8g/cm^3. It is about 1/4 steel and its tensile strength is about 3600MPa. The tensile strength of T1000 carbon fiber with excellent performance even reaches 7000MPa, at least four times higher than that of steel. In addition, hundreds of degrees Celsius temperature resistance carbon fiber (inert gas under high temperature of 2000 DEG C), chemical corrosion resistance, low friction, shock resistance, stability, safety performance is guaranteed.

There is such a rumor on the Internet that the CFRP cover will be straight into the cab when the car crashes. In practice, the brittleness of carbon fiber is large, and the impact force is so large that it has long absorbed energy and will not be harmful to the driver. Its special atomic structure absorbs a lot of energy and has a better security.

The carbon fiber body parts mentioned here are made of pure carbon fiber instead of carbon fiber based stickers. Stickers are plastic products with no protection function.

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