Carbon fiber and glass fiber are fiber materials. They have a lot of common features. They are also very similar in use. People often compare them together. So what are the differences between them? This article is a detailed explanation of the four aspects of the composition, performance, the application of the matrix and the field of use.

Composition: carbon fiber is prepared by preoxidation and carbonization of polyacrylonitrile fibers. The main composition is carbon, at least 90%. Glass fiber is glass as raw material, after the high temperature solution system, drawing, etc. winding process, as long as the composition of silica, alumina, calcium oxide, boron oxide, sodium oxide, Magnesium Oxide etc..

Performance: the biggest advantage of carbon fiber is light weight and high strength. In addition, it has the advantages of high modulus, small thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, vibration absorption, strong design and high X ray transmission rate. The shortcoming of carbon fiber is brittleness. The performance of glass fiber has a certain distance compared to carbon fiber, its advantages are high mechanical strength, high insulation, and poor wear resistance.

Suitable matrix: carbon fiber can be combined with resin, metal and inorganic nonmetallic materials to make composite material, and glass fiber is mostly made of FRP with resin.

Use: carbon fiber and glass fiber are widely used in the field, such as boats, electronic and electrical, energy, aerospace, military, automotive, sports and leisure industries can see their shadow, different is the use of carbon fiber in higher technological content.

Compared with the two, carbon fiber is better, it is a new material in twenty-first Century and is listed as a national key development project.

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