The traditional materials for making aircraft are steel, aluminum and titanium alloys. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are used in different parts. Since the beginning of the use of carbon fiber materials, its advantages are constantly emerging and began to be used to manufacture aircraft and other aerospace equipment, and now it has been widely used. The following is to say where it is better than any other material on the plane.

First look at three kinds of materials, steel, aluminum and titanium alloy. Under the same volume, the weight of aluminum is the lightest, the density is only 2.8g/cm3, but its strength is the lowest among the three, and the ability to resist high temperature is not very good. The steel has high strength and good toughness. Those parts that require strict size can be made of steel. However, its weight is very large, its density is 7.8g/cm3, and it cannot be used too much in reducing weight and weight. The weight of the titanium alloy is heavier than the weight of aluminum, lighter than steel, and the strength and heat resistance are all good, but the price is too high.

Look at carbon fiber, carbon fiber, many kinds of fiber, used in the aircraft are T300, T800 and other high performance materials. The carbon fiber has a density of 1.5g/cm3, only half of the weight of the aluminum. The aircraft will overcome its own gravity to fly, and the lighter the better, the lighter weight can save a lot of oil. Its tensile strength is above 1.5GMPa, which is several times higher than that of aluminum alloy parts. It is almost the same as that of high strength alloy steel, and it can withstand strong external friction and impact.

Let’s take an example of Boeing 797 aircraft. If a plane uses 23 tons of carbon fiber instead of other materials, it will account for 50% of the whole aircraft structure, and the weight can fully reduce 15 tons, so we can see the advantage of carbon fiber material. With the development of science and technology, it is believed that the use of carbon fiber materials will be more and more, and our life has become better because of it.

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