Carbon fiber began to develop in the cold war period in the US and Soviet Union in the 1960s, and has excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, high modulus, high pressure resistance, erosion resistance and small deformation. It also has the flexibility and flexibility of fiber, and can be processed or twisted. More than 90% of the carbon fiber will be used in combination with resin, metal, and ceramics. The carbon fiber board is made by hot pressing the pre impregnated resin. Here is a talk about the processing technology of carbon fiber board.

Carbon fiber boards can be processed by traditional mechanical processing, such as car, grinding, milling, cutting, drilling and so on. Single from the process point of view is not very complex, but very high strength carbon fiber plate, brittleness is large, the processing time if the applied force is too large to fragmentation, the applied force is too small and can not use what, so the carbon fiber board processing technology and tool selection is very important. Different cutting tools should be used in different processing requirements, and the most suitable way is to be found. In addition, the temperature, humidity and other environmental factors may also affect the processing of carbon fiber board.

Some carbon fiber sheet processing plants with low technology level and short establishment time often have some problems, such as lamination and tear of plates, too fast tool wear and increased cost. Improper use of tools leads to low dimensional accuracy and short service life of machined parts.

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