Carbon fiber material as a new star, one of the most significant label is light weight and high strength, not only that, the carbon fiber has the stable size, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages of multiple, almost no material can be compared with carbon fiber, so in many fields shine, carbon fiber and the market has a variety of forms do you know that?
1, carbon fiber cloth: carbon fiber cloth is produced through carbon fiber preparation process, and carbon fiber cloth is usually used for reinforcement, which is commonly used for carbon fiber reinforcement cloth, generally used in 12K carbon fiber production. Carbon fiber cloth can play an excellent role in the tensile and shear resistance of structural parts.
2, carbon fiber, carbon fiber diameter is very small, we know everyone’s hair diameter has been very small, while the carbon fiber is only about 1/20 of hair, but its strength is better than many traditional structural materials, carbon fiber is generally composed of a carbon fiber bundle also, divided into large and small tow tow, how much is in accordance with the classification of carbon fibers.
3, carbon fiber prepreg by carbon fiber yarn, epoxy resin, paper and other materials, composite material after coating, hot pressing, cooling, coating, coiling processing form becomes carbon fiber prepreg, the product is usually made of carbon fiber prepreg, so whether it is civil, or some of the high-end technology will be able to see.

4, short carbon fiber: short carbon fiber is cut off from carbon fiber filament, and its main performance depends on the performance of carbon fiber filament. However, short carbon fiber is dispersed evenly, and the process is simple.

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