During the cold war period in the US and Soviet Union in 1950, in order to solve the problem of heat resistance, the US Army studied many materials. Finally, it was found that, at 2000 degrees centigrade, the man-made fibers which remove carbon and other impurities had very good performance and opened a new stage of the development of carbon fiber. After 70s, carbon fiber began to industrialize. By the twenty-first Century, all kinds of carbon fiber products have flocked out and have been greatly sought after by people. Carbon fiber board is a basic carbon fiber product, which has been applied in many fields. Today, the role of CFRP is explained.

Carbon fiber boards are most often used in the field of building reinforcement. It is resistant to corrosion, light and high strength, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Buildings exposed to the air, not only to bear the sun’s sun, but also often be washed by the rain. You know. The rain is not pure H2O, it contains some chemical substances, the pH value is less than 5.6, it is acidic and has certain corrosivity.

The chemical properties of carbon fibers are stable and are not corroded by organic solution, acid and alkali salt, alcohols and ketones. The power of nature is great. Wind energy and crustal movement will speed up the decline of buildings. High strength carbon fiberboard can withstand the impact of external force to the maximum extent. It is also very convenient to build, no need to use large instruments, nor a large number of manpower, the whole project can be completed in a few days.

There is also a significant feature of CFRP, which is the high transmittance of X rays, so in the health industry, it can serve as a medical panel. In addition, it can also be processed into various mechanical parts.

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