Carbon fiber tube is a common carbon fiber product, which can be made into rod, golf club, bracket, kite skeleton and so on. So how does it make it? Winding is the main forming process of carbon fiber tube. The method is simple and the stability of the product is good.

The winding can be divided into circumferential winding, longitudinal winding and spiral winding. The circumferential winding core rotates at a constant speed around its own axis, so that the cycle rotates to the ground until the surface of the core barrel is not slow, so its rotation angle is about 85&deg. The longitudinal winding is a slow motion of the core mold around its own axis, while the spiral winding is a constant rotation of the core mold around the axis, and the wire winding moves intermittently and reciprocally along the axis of the core mode. When implementing this technology, the location of carbon fiber will be deviated if it is stable, non slip and slightly jitter. The products produced do not meet the requirements. Carbon fiber should be arranged in accordance with the law, to be adjacent but not overlapping and no gap.

The selection of reasonable process parameters can make the product better. First of all, the content of the liquid should be controlled well. It not only affects the thickness of the carbon fiber tube, but also is related to the strength. The curing temperature is suitable, and the suitable temperature can improve the performance of the product by 20%. In addition, the tension should be controlled, and the test shows that the tension in the winding is related to the fatigue resistance of the carbon fiber tube.

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