Carbon fiber is a &ldquo in the field of materials; &rdquo hero, an hand in a velvet glove; not only has the inherent hard carbon material, high strength, high temperature resistant characteristics, and soft fiber properties, strong plasticity, is widely used in aircraft, luxury cars, machinery and other fields. For example, the Boeing 787 aircraft, whose fuselage is using carbon fiber material, is of great significance to reducing weight, reducing fuel consumption and alleviating environmental pollution. In addition to excellent performance, carbon fiber material is also very decorative, often used as a appearance, then how many kinds of carbon fiber material in the end?

Before introducing the color, we first introduce this material, which is obtained by carbonization and graphitization of polyacrylonitrile fiber at high temperature. It is very thin and the diameter is equivalent to 1/20 of the hair. In addition to insulation, they are not used alone, but are combined with epoxy resin, metal and ceramics to make composite materials. What we usually call carbon fiber products are actually carbon fiber composite products.

There is only one color of carbon fiber, that is, black. Of course, one of the other things is to spray paint on carbon fiber products and use advanced technology to wear a coat of color. But it is worth noting that the majority of consumers, some bad manufacturers will use glass fiber by electroplating process made other colors on the surface of carbon fiber and is almost the same as ordinary consumers, usually can not detect, the glass fiber product price is much lower than the carbon fiber, so you want to buy genuine carbon fiber products, must choose the regular formal enterprises, factories, not freeloaders..

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