Carbon fiber sounds like carbon from fiber. In fact, it is a very light fiber material made of carbon atoms. It often combines with thermoplastic resin to form high strength and light weight composite materials. The most common carbon fiber products are carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber board, carbon fiber CNC processing parts and so on. The carbon fiber tube is often used to the adhesion process, so what are the specific steps of it?

1, choose the adhesive. There are many options on the market of their adhesive, peel strength, curing temperature, adaptability to the environment is different, according to the specifications, the carbon fiber tube use, select the appropriate adhesive.

2, select the inline sleeve. The method used here is to stick an inline cannula inside the two carbon fiber tubes to implement adhesion. The casing should just fit into the carbon fiber tube, and the gap between the two can not be too large.

3. Clean the pipe. Before adhesion, it is necessary to clean the inner wall of the carbon fiber tube and the outer wall of the inner tube. First, using tissue from dust cleaning pipe wall, use 150-220 sandpaper to polish rough adhesion sites.

4. Mixed resin. The resin solidifying agent is mixed in the container and the ratio of the epoxy resin and the curing agent is 100:23.

5. Adhesion. Stir the resin and brush it in the inner diameter of the head, and pay attention not to brush too much resin, because when the inner tube is pushed into the carbon fiber pipe, the resin will overflow.

6, curing and grinding. When the resin is cured, if the edge of the connection has a resin residue, grinding and smoothing with sand paper.

Look at the content above, I believe you have a certain understanding of the bonding technology of carbon fiber tube. This is just one of the most basic carbon fiber processing technologies.

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