Carbon fiber tube is a structure composed of carbon fiber and resin specific materials, widely used in UAV, rotation axis, sports equipment and other ancillary equipment, is a lightweight structure used to replace the traditional metal pipe industry one of the application value of carbon fiber tube has been much industry attention on the market, and the carbon fiber material quality uneven in quality this paper summarizes, some factors affecting the quality of carbon fiber tube.

The production process of carbon fiber pipes is different. They are commonly used for winding, pultrusion and rolling. These methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Winding technology can design winding rules according to the force of products, and give full play to the strength of fibers, but they cannot be wrapped around any structure. The pultrusion is easy to realize the continuity of the fiber but not the change of the angle. The automation of the coiling process is high and the corresponding cost will increase. The strength of the tube is determined by the raw material of carbon fiber, but the quality of carbon fibers of different carbon fiber in Japan Dongli and Formosa and other well-known brands of reliable quality, so the carbon fiber series in different mechanical properties and cost difference.

The core and core moulds made of different materials to design have certain influence to the quality of the carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber and some low-end tube production mould made of glass steel and other materials, but these materials. More than 150 DEG C and curing temperature, carbon fiber is difficult to fabricate high quality tube. Of course, there are also the design parameters and the demoulding techniques during the winding process, which will have some effects on the quality of the carbon fiber tube.

Carbon fiber tubes have more performance advantages than metal pipes, such as high strength, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and so on.

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