After the production of carbon fiber materials, a series of treatment methods are needed to improve the bonding strength of carbon fiber and matrix in carbon fiber reinforced composites. For the surface treatment of carbon fiber, it is also more interesting to believe that some companies engaged in the processing of carbon fiber are also more interested.

There are four main methods of surface treatment for carbon fiber, such as surface cleaning, gas phase oxidation, liquid phase oxidation and surface coating. The first is to heat the carbon fiber to a certain high temperature under the protection of the inert gas and keep it for a period of time. The adsorption water can be removed and the structure strength can be improved. The second way is to add ozone in the tube furnace to oxidize at 600 degree high temperature. After that treatment, the carbon fiber can improve the tensile strength. This method is simple, and the reaction period is short. The third way is better than the former one. If the condition is right, it can increase the shear strength of the composite more than one time, but it will slightly reduce the strength of the fiber.

For the last surface coating method, it is to apply some polymers and treatment agents to the surface of carbon fibers to reduce defects and relieve interfacial stress, so as to improve the performance of carbon fiber reinforced composites.

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