Carbon fiber board is one of the commonly used carbon fiber material, it is carbon fiber prepreg resin according to the thickness of fold formed by hot pressing, can be used for housing, roads, bridges, tunnel reinforcement, can also be processed into CNC machine tools, electronic equipment model accessories parts, name card etc.. The specifications of the carbon fiber board are varied, and the scope of the use of different specifications is also not needed. Let us say a little bit below.

According to the different patterns, the carbon fiber board can be divided into a twill pattern. Plain print is the most common and common pattern. It is characterized by wear resistance, hard feel, small elasticity and flat surface. Twill weave is more complex than plain features, good elasticity, soft texture, beautiful, in the sun shine luster.

According to the number of K, there are 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K carbon fiber boards, commonly used as 3K. Each bundle of carbon filament it contains 3000 strands, numerous root fibril together, make carbon fiber plate with high strength steel and even more than several times higher. The carbon fiber board of 1K is very light and thin, and it is mainly decorated on the surface of products. It can be yellow, red, blue and so on. It is beautiful, but the price is more expensive, which is three times the price of 3K. 6K and 12K carbon fiber boards are generally not used unless they are used for special purposes.

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