Carbon fiber has a series of excellent properties, such as high strength, high specific modulus, corrosion resistance, friction resistance and high temperature resistance. It has broad application prospects in the national defense industry and civil industry, and is the key research object in today’s material discipline. Our government has been highly concerned about the research and production of carbon fiber. Many related plans have been published. What are the key points for the development of carbon fiber industry in the next few years?

1, unmanned aerial vehicle industry. UAV is a very popular product now, and its functions are diverse, such as aerial photography, testing environment, surveying and mapping, spraying pesticide and so on. The current trend is to use carbon fiber materials to make UAV components, because the weight is very light, the strength is very high, and helps to overcome the resistance high flying.

2. Automobile industry. Carbon fiber was used in racing cars long ago. In recent years, civil cars also began to use carbon fiber parts. It has important significance for the realization of vehicle lightweight. The appearance is also very beautiful, fashionable and fashionable, and is popular among young people.

3. Machinery manufacturing industry. Carbon fiber can replace metal for manufacturing manipulator, mechanical arm, mechanical shield and other components. Its seismic performance is good, which is conducive to the rapid and stable operation of the machine. The ordinary metal material is easy to rust, it does not have this problem.

4, high speed rail industry. We all know that high speed rail is being built in China, and it is more convenient to return to different cities. The structure parts made of carbon fiber materials can play a role in reducing body weight, speeding up speed, saving energy and protecting the environment.

The above four areas are the focus of the future development of the carbon fiber industry. In addition, it can also be used in musical instruments, sports equipment, furniture and bathroom, medical biology. With the development of science and technology, the scope of use is still expanding, and the market is wide.

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