In the 50s of last century, carbon fiber began to attract attention in order to solve the material problems of aerospace and military. With the development of the era, its application field is increasing. Now it has been widely applied in the industries of prevention, chemical engineering, machinery manufacturing, biological medicine, sports goods and so on, and its performance and manufacturing technology are also improving. In the whole carbon fiber market, sports goods account for a large part of the carbon fiber sports equipment.

The sporting goods that can be made of carbon fiber include golf clubs, baseball poles, tennis rackets, badminton racket, fishing rods, skiing, skating shoes, sledding, ice clubs, bow and arrow, sailing mast, jumping pole, rowing, gliding aircraft and so on. Compared with wood, the strength of carbon fiber is four times higher than that of high quality wood, and its modulus is three times that of wood. Compared with steel, the weight of carbon fiber is only 1/4, and its strength is four times that of wood. People use sports equipment to carry out various sports, carbon fiber carbon fiber sports equipment has good tensile ability, and the service life is longer than that of the general material. Some sports equipment can only be used in a specific environment. For example, skiing and sledge use environment needs snow. Carbon fiber material is not deformed and weak at low temperature, and its high temperature resistance is good. It can reach thousands of degrees Celsius.

Up till now, the sports equipment which is made of carbon fiber is mainly above. I believe that more sports products can be made with carbon fiber later. The problem of brittleness of carbon fiber can also be solved.

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