Filed carbon fiber car, many people may feel strange, but for the car owners must be familiar with. Since the 1950s, when carbon fiber was used by scientists for breakthroughs in military and aerospace fields, it has developed rapidly and is rapidly being used by industries such as industrial manufacturing, medical devices and sporting goods. In the car, the whole body frame, interior, steering wheel, shell can be made of carbon fiber. This article mainly talk about the advantages of carbon fiber steering wheel.

The steering wheel is a very important part of the car, people use it to drive a car. First look at the appearance of the carbon fiber steering wheel, it is clean and smooth surface, without any burrs and dents, the color is black, above weaving lines, high-end atmosphere, no matter what kind of car with a good choice. Steering wheel is often exposed to the hand parts, carbon fiber steering wheel feels very comfortable, without any discomfort. Hot summer weather easily sweat, touch the steering wheel do not worry about skidding, and carbon fiber chemical stability, will not be sweat corrosion. In addition, its strength, toughness, elastic modulus than the traditional steel has great advantages, more resistant to external pressure, maximum protection of passenger safety.

Although the price of carbon fiber products is very expensive, it does not hinder people’s attention and love of it. Carbon fiber products are now the mainstream products, in addition to aircraft, cars and other large objects, he can also manufacture glasses, watches, mouse pads, wine racks and other small items. Wuxi VIA Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., specializing in the production and processing of carbon fiber materials, products through the ISO certification, but also often exported overseas, if you have the need, please contact us.

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