Carbon fiber is polyacrylonitrile fiber under high temperature oxidation, carbonization of the high performance fibers, very slender, only the hair of the 1/4, one kilogram of carbon fiber filaments can be extracted more than 20000 km long, only two kg of carbon fiber can be a circle around the earth. The characteristics of carbon fiber bigger is quality light and high strength, its density is 1.7g/cm^3, tensile strength reaches 3000MPa, is &ldquo, weight loss ” good material.

As an excellent &ldquo, weight loss ” materials, carbon fiber has been applied to fuselage, airfoil baffle and rudder, rotary blades of helicopters, aircraft brakes, cars, high-speed rail, mechanical arms, transmission shaft and other products. At the end of 70s, the United States made Ford Automobile Co., a small car, to maximize the use of carbon fiber material, so that the total weight of 60~70%, can withstand strong wind pressure without causing the top cap of the shell of the shock at high speed, maintain good aerodynamics characteristics, in the world auto race often win the crown. On New Year’s day, a jet aircraft, made of carbon fiber reinforced materials, was successfully made in the United States on New Year’s 1981. The fuselage of the machine weighed 1167 kilograms more than the same type of aircraft. With the carbon fiber of the times, more and more carbon fiber is used in the market.

Besides high strength and light weight, carbon fiber also has the advantage of low thermal expansion coefficient and high X ray transmission rate. It has some advantages, compared with metallic materials or non-metallic materials.

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