Unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg is the main intermediate material made of composite material structure, and carbon fiber fabric prepreg is compared, it not only has the common advantages of prepreg, such as convenience, the content of fiber and resin can be controlled, also can carry on structural design in accordance with the requirements of the bearing parts, structure the best performance.

For structural designers, the unidirectional prepreg is like the brick for the building. It is the basic unit of structural design and strength calculation. Therefore, it is required that the prepreg has uniform size and mechanical properties after curing. For manufacturing engineers, the prepreg should also have good process performance to meet the requirements of paving.

The application of the unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg is very fast, and most of them are produced by the professional chemical plant. The methods of production can be divided into two categories: dry method and wet method. Wet method is a resin solidified system solution impregnated fiber, after drying out the solvent, to become a certain sticky material. According to the different equipment and technology can be divided into: laying method, winding method, spraying method and so on. Dry process is a prepreg production method without solvent, which can be divided into hot melt and adhesive film according to the different process. The advantage of preparing prepreg by dry method is that the solvent is not used, and the content of the resin is easy to be controlled. The production efficiency is high, but the large quantity of production is required, and the wet winding prepreg can meet the requirements of the development of a small batch and multi variety prepreg.

The appearance of prepreg requires smooth and uniform, no gap and fiber overlap. Therefore, in the preparation of the prepreg process, once the formation of groups, should be promptly removed, to avoid uneven surface and cracks. To ensure the quality of the release paper. The size must be stable, otherwise it will cause unbalance. The formation of ripples or wrinkles will bring difficulties to the process and influence the appearance of the process. Release agent release paper improper curing defect, uncontrolled and uneven content will cause the phenomenon.

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