The ultrasonic vibration cutting technology is one of the advanced manufacture technology in recent years, domestic and foreign research institutions have carried out research in ultrasonic vibration cutting of carbon fiber composite material, ultrasonic vibration cutting has small cutting force, tool wear is small, the advantages of good processing quality, especially suitable for the processing of carbon fiber the hard brittle hard processing material. The following is a brief introduction to the ultrasonic vibration cutting of carbon fiber composites.

There are layered, tearing, flanging, burrs and other machining defects in ordinary machining of carbon fiber composite material, and low machining accuracy and machining difficult characteristics, through the ultrasonic vibration test system, using ultrasonic vibration machining method, can significantly improve the processing precision and efficiency. Parts of the surface roughness of ultrasonic vibration machining stability in Ra0.9 2.5μ m, compared with the conventional cutting can effectively improve the surface quality, lowering the frequency and amplitude of ultrasonic cutting, cutting depth and feed rate, reduce the processing on the overall composite defects are beneficial to portsmouth.

The system of ultrasonic cutting carbon fiber mainly consists of ultrasonic power supply, ultrasonic energy transmission system, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic amplitude transformer and so on. On the basis of the motion of the ordinary turning machine, the ultrasonic vibration is applied to the lathe tool, the vibration tangent along the rotation direction of the workpiece and the vibration along the direction of the feed. With this method, the surface quality of carbon fiber material can be obviously improved, tool wear can be reduced by 30%, the surface roughness of workpiece will be reduced by 25%-50%, and roundness will be increased by 40%-50%.

At present, ultrasonic vibration cutting carbon fiber processing technology has been applied as an advanced composite machining technology in the field of hard machining parts such as engine shaft, impeller, embryo, piston and other aerospace fields.

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