The discovery of carbon fiber can be said to be a major progress in human history. As a synthetic fiber, it has the advantages unparalleled by other materials. Its high temperature resistance is above 1000 degrees centigrade, and few materials can be compared with it, and the strength and modulus of elasticity are very high, and can withstand the impact of strong external force. In addition, it has the effect of corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and earthquake resistance. Speaking of the forming methods of carbon fiber products, there are many kinds of winding, extrusion and so on, while the extrusion process can be divided into dry molding and wet molding. Here are two specific ways to talk with you.

Dry molding: carbon fiber prepreg or various prepreg fabrics are used in dry process. In production, the prepreg is made through the guide, and the preformed mold is introduced into the heating mold. This method is produced by the two step method. The efficiency of production and the quality of the product are very high, and the production can be produced in large quantities, and the economic benefit is good.

Wet molding: during the wet process, the arrangement of carbon fiber cloth, dipping, molding, solidification, traction and cutting are all completed in one process. The production cycle is short, flexible and convenient, so it is the main extrusion forming method at present. It is the first process of continuous carbon fiber into the container, and then in the extrusion die impregnating resin, in high temperature and pressure, the final curing.

Dry and wet forming molding compared, currently the most widely used or wet forming, by using the method of continuous molding of various profiles, bars, strip, sheet, plate, and can form a fishing rod, grapes, handle, automobile parts, pipe and other products, related to the aerospace industry, transportation, sports and medical etc. industry. However, the dry process also has its advantages, some products must be produced in this way.

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