Speaking of carbon fiber, people will think of Toray, Japan, which holds the highest production technology of carbon fiber and almost monopolizes the market. T300 carbon fiber Toray company developed is the foundation of all the different types of carbon fiber, in the past for a long period of time, 1K, 3K, 6K in tow, 12K (1K=1000 monofilaments) T300 carbon fiber carbon fiber has been widely used and the most stable quality, from sports to aviation field cannot do without it, it is 230GPa the tensile modulus, tensile strength is 3500MPa. Then there are many types of carbon fiber produced, and the following is the case.

The tensile modulus of T800H carbon fiber with medium modulus and high tensile strength is 294GPa. The allowable limit of damage degree of composite material made by it is also improved. It can be applied to more demanding composite components, such as Boeing aircraft. Now, the new generation of high-strength carbon fiber has been published. It is T1000. The tensile strength is 7060MP and the tensile modulus is 294GPa. The tensile strength of T1000G has reached 6370MPa and the tensile modulus 294GPa. It provides a solid foundation for the wide application of composite materials.

M series is also a new kind of carbon fiber. The most basic model is M40. Its birth is late. There are three kinds of tow 3K, 6K and 12K. The tensile modulus is 392GPa, and the tensile strength is 2740MPa. It is also widely applied to various fields. On the basis of it, the M-J series, including M35J, M40J, M46J and so on, have been studied, and the tensile modulus has exceeded 600GPa.

Recently, carbon fiber new models available, T700S, M30S and M30G, its performance is quite good, while 12K carbon no viscosity, good dispersion, good infiltration, easy processing. In the future, there will be a new type of carbon fiber that will change our life.

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