Carbon fiber is the product of the new era, the most began to use only the two high-tech aviation and military field, with the continuous improvement of technology, gradually entered the common people’s life, to purse, wallet this small items, large cars, high-speed rail, its presence can be seen everywhere. Different carbon fiber products, the molding method is different, the following details of this.

1, hand paste molding process: also known as contact molding process, mainly by manual operation, the machine is less used. First, the mold is coated with a mold release agent, then the carbon fiber cloth is laid and the resin is added to make the two fully combined. Then it is dry and then demoulding, spraying and grinding. This method is most common and is not restricted by shape, but it is only suitable for small mass production of carbon fiber products.

2, filament winding process: carbon fiber prepreg resin and special winding equipment will be regularly wound on the core mold. According to the winding method, the surface of carbon fiber will show different texture and beautiful appearance.

3, pultrusion molding process: first, the carbon fiber is impregnated with the resin through the traction device, and then fixed in the mold to heat and form. The production efficiency of this method is very high, but the surface of carbon fiber product is no grain, and the equipment is complex.

4, resin transfer molding: first, the carbon fiber in a closed mold, and then into the resin, waiting for curing molding. This method has little investment, high production efficiency and no pollution to the environment. It has many advantages.

In addition to the above four, the forming methods of carbon fiber are also woven, vacuum bag molding, etc. Scientists are continuing to study the new materials, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, good anti-seismic performance, light weight and high strength, and the scope of their applications is further expanding. We believe that carbon fiber products will be concerned by the world.

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