Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) has attracted more and more attention. Many outstanding properties of CFRP have been used in many fields, which can replace original materials, reduce quality and save energy, and has greatly contributed to energy saving and emission reduction. Next, we introduce the environmental protection of carbon fiber composites from automobiles, aircraft manufacturing and wind power.

The application of carbon fiber composite in the manufacturing of automobile collar

Carbon fiber composite material is widely used in automobile manufacturing, such as car body, wheel, shaft, tail, interiors and so on, carbon fiber as light weight, high strength composite material, its quality is only 1/4 of the steel, to a large extent reduce the weight of the car, let the car lighter, greatly reduce the fuel rate, thereby reducing the exhaust emissions, to play a significant role in environmental protection.

Application of carbon fiber composites in aircraft manufacturing

Carbon fiber composite material is also widely used on the manufacture of aircraft, such as the body of the helicopter blade, and so on, application of large aircraft on the more, before the plane machine body, vertical stabilizer, wing wing, resistance plate, panel members such as rectifier. Similar to the effect of automobile manufacturing, carbon fiber composites also reduce the weight of the whole aircraft, reduce the fuel rate, and achieve the function of energy saving and emission reduction.

Application of carbon fiber composites in wind power generation

Wind power generation has begun as early as twentieth Century the wind power generation device that is a small generator blade is very small, very low power consumption. In order to let the wind power generation device generates more natural, and reduce power generation by coal, fuel oil and gas, reduce emissions to the atmosphere, the leaves of carbon fiber composite material is applied to wind power generation device, not only the quality of light, the strength and rigidity of the liquid is excellent, greatly improving the power generation the amount of.

In order to save energy and protect the environment, the application of CFRP on automobile, aircraft, wind turbine and so on has truly realized the function of energy conservation and emission reduction. China is gradually combined with carbon fiber composites and the environment, not only to improve the development of carbon fiber, but also to protect the environment.

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