Carbon fiber is a new type of composite material with small density, high specific strength, high specific modulus, small coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, seismic resistance and strong design. Nowadays, some famous motorcycle manufacturers in Europe, America and Japan have invested huge amounts of manpower, material and financial resources in the study of new form and new materials, and carbon fiber has been widely applied. So what about the molding process of carbon fiber motorcycles?

1, a molding process: hand will prepreg paper in the mold, and then curing. The biggest advantage of this method is that the process equipment is simple, it can finish complex operation manually, and create complex parts, but the manpower consumption is large, the size of the product is difficult to control, and the efficiency is low.

2. Fiber winding process: the carbon fiber is preprepredipped with resin, and it is wound on the core mold and solidified in accordance with certain rules. It is the earliest continuous forming process, with high mechanization and short production cycle. It can arrange the fiber according to the force direction of the product according to the specific law.

3, pultrusion process: after carbon fiber impregnated resin is placed into the heating mold and solidified, it can suppress complex products at a time, but the molding equipment is also more complex.

4, resin transfer molding process: now a very hot technology, carbon fiber preformed parts into a closed mold, hot pressing curing. The process is simple, the environment is clean, and the automation is easy to be realized.

The main forming process of carbon fiber motorcycle is the above several, its choice depends on the shape of the product, the requirement of physical performance and the use.

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