In the sporting goods industry, plays an important role in carbon fiber, it can be used to make the jump pole vault pole, badminton racket, tennis racket, skateboard, surfboard, bicycle, golf clubs, fishing, rowing and other parts, with the development of science and technology, the product is still increasing, this article is small some sports indissoluble bound with carbon fiber.

First look at the pole vault jump, is the earliest use of wooden poles, and then the metal pole, glass fiber, nylon pole pole. Method for manufacturing carbon fiber pole and similar glass steel rods, the carbon fiber silk into cloth, dipped in epoxy resin, then fold layers into a desired shape, add to the mold heating and pressurizing. Its weight is very light, its strength is very high, and it is not afraid of the corrosion of chemical substances. Now on the bicycle field, it is good to see the wheels made of traditional carbon steel and ordinary alloy steel. Now the wheel is a disc, which can minimize the resistance of the wheels. The weight of a carbon fiber car is only 9 kilos weight, but the impact to the external force is not easy to deform. Tennis or badminton top racket is carbon fiber composite material, this racket is called “ carbon racket ” light weight, high strength, good elasticity, hit the ball speed, can help athletes reduce physical strength consumption. Professional table tennis is also made of composite materials, mainly carbon fiber reinforced and aramid reinforced. The amplitude of the carbon fiber racket is small. It can control the trajectory of the ball well.

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