Carbon fiber is called the king of new materials; it consists of polyacrylonitrile, viscose, asphalt, phenolic, polyethylene and other raw materials of high temperature oxidation and graphitization, excellent performance, can withstand thousands of degrees Celsius temperature, acid and alkali salt and chemical corrosion, high specific strength, has penetrated into all fields of military and daily life. There are some differences between carbon fiber and its composite materials. This article will give you a detailed description of it.

Carbon fiber is produced at the time of filamentous, almost the same as hair, but only 1/20 of the hair. Usually, we will make thousands of raw silk into cloth and use it as cloth. Carbon fiber composites are a new material that combines 100% pure carbon fibers with other materials, such as resins, ceramics and metals. 90% of the carbon fiber will be made into composite materials. For example, carbon fiber cloth, predipped it into the resin can be pressed into sheet, also can be put into a mold to solidify into other shapes of products.

The properties of carbon fiber composite material and carbon fiber of different carbon fiber can withstand hundreds of thousands of degrees Celsius, and if it’s composite material with high temperature resistance capacity of only 100 degrees Celsius, so this product cannot be used in temperature in several Baidu. But when composite materials are made, it is used in a wider range and can exist in a variety of forms.

In all carbon fiber composites, carbon fiber resin matrix composites are used most, and the proportion of carbon fiber composites is more than 90%.

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