The traditional metal shaft weight, bearing large span, large vibration, the machining accuracy of machine tools significantly, and new carbon fiber composite materials, specific stiffness, high specific strength, high natural frequency, damping, because of its excellent performance in the new shaft become material. Because carbon fiber composites are anisotropic materials, their performance is different along fiber direction and perpendicular to fiber direction, so laying design is very important. This article is about the design principle of the layer of the carbon fiber drive shaft.

1, the principle of equilibrium symmetry: as far as possible, the layer angle relative to the middle layer is symmetric. If there is + 45° the monolayer, it should be – 45° the single layer is balanced with it.

2 layer directional principle: layer scheme in general more 0° and 90° ± 45° the 4 layer direction, other layer direction with as little as possible.

3, consistent with the principle of laying angle and load driving shaft under uniaxial tension and compression loading, 0&deg loading or direction; 90° laying; under shear load, press the + 45&deg and – 45° negative; laying; under biaxial tension compression load, according to 0° and 90° alternating cross ply; composite bearing load tension and shear load, according to 0&deg, 90&deg and ±; 45°; multi ply.

4, attention: the same angle to avoid continuous laying, if inevitable, generally not more than 4 layers, and the adjacent layer of the transition layer not more than 50° The exposed surface of fiber, outside by 45° laying, can improve the transmission shaft of anti compression and anti impact performance.

At present, the carbon fiber shaft has been put into practice, and the demand is more and more.

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