Carbon fiber is a carbon content of more than 90% of a new type of fiber materials, in recent years, carbon fiber emerge in many fields, has many application fields in favor of medical devices connected to the high performance requirements are also made of materials made of carbon fiber material, the carbon fiber material for what can be applied to medical devices so, what are the application? This article will introduce you to you.

Radiation medical equipment will be referred to a noun “ aluminum equivalent ”, this is a medical term, while the aluminum equivalent usually measure is a kind of material with X ray transmittance, aluminum equivalent smaller, X ray through better performance, which is why the carbon fiber plate than the traditional medical medical board preferred the reason. Carbon fiber material and a well-known label – light weight and high strength, excellent mechanical properties of carbon fiber materials, like some specific strength and modulus, the two parameters of the carbon fiber material is the highest of the existing structural materials, carbon fiber board medical light due to its low density, it is easy to move. In addition, the carbon fiber material has good corrosion resistance, and the process will inevitably have residual alcohol, drugs, blood, these will not affect the panel, easy to clean, long term medical board does not appear corrosion phenomenon.

So what medical devices are the carbon fiber alcohol used on? Carbon fiber DR plate detector is one of the most typical products. In the past, the use of amorphous silicon and the use of carbon fiber have better X – ray transmission. There is also a medical bedplate, which has excellent carrying capacity and X ray penetration. There is also a prosthetic foot board, which can also be made of carbon fiber material. Like the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, Oscar’s artificial limb was made of carbon fiber material.

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