Have a certain understanding of the properties of carbon fiber in most people, the most significant advantages is light weight and high strength, also has excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature properties of carbon fiber, use a very wide range, so the carbon fiber material in so many areas have what use? This article is mainly to introduce it, and hope to help you understand the carbon fiber better with the help of this article.

Carbon fiber is generally not used alone, usually consisting of composite materials, compared to metal materials, carbon fiber composite material used in automobile have an obvious advantage, the carbon fiber used in the body and chassis can reduce the overall weight, especially compared with the steel body, the lightweight effect is more than 53%, without loss of strength the rigidity and safety coefficient of the car won’t reduce, carbon fiber composite material has good toughness, impact resistance and good energy absorption capacity, and carbon fiber molding process can be designed more powerful, easy to realize the integration of production parts.

With the development of science and technology, light weight materials with excellent performance must be used for developing lighter quality aerospace materials, and carbon fiber is the best way to achieve this requirement. Carbon fiber composite material density is small, generally made of carbon fiber composite materials as structural components to achieve the whole weight of the structure characteristics of carbon fiber composite material is anisotropic in mechanical properties, bring more optional to the design, and its excellent anti vibration performance, ensure stable working process. Of course, the application of carbon fiber is mainly in the military field at the very beginning. Now it has been extended to the civilian field. Not only is the application of carbon fiber in automobile and aviation, such as rail transportation, medical devices, etc., but also the application of carbon fiber is more and more extensive.

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