Carbon fiber is black, with the advantages of high strength, light weight, electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance and small expansion coefficient. Carbon fiber is mainly used as a reinforcing material for composite materials. The composite material has the advantages of high specific strength and high specific modulus, Applied to aerospace, rail transit, sports and leisure and new energy fields.

Carbon fiber fabric is a carbon fiber products, widely used in various resin matrix reinforcement. With the development of carbon fiber technology and the increase of output, the price of carbon fiber decreases with the increase of the number of tow. Medium tow and large tow carbon fiber will gradually replace small tow carbon fiber.

Due to the smaller diameter of monofilament carbon fiber, coupled with the greater fabric surface density, which will affect the resin infiltration of fibers, and thus affect the performance of the composite material. Developing carbon fiber fabric is the only way to solve this problem. The following for everyone to introduce the advantages of thin carbon fiber fabric.

1. The thickness of carbon fiber ultra-thin fabric is much smaller than that of traditional woven fabric. Therefore, using carbon fiber ultra-thin fabric can effectively increase the fiber volume content. The mechanical properties of resin matrix mainly depend on the fiber, so the increase of volume content can improve the mechanical properties .

2. Carbon fiber ultra-thin fabric can reduce the degree of buckling and the number of buckling waves. When the fabric and composite material are loaded, the utilization ratio of fiber mechanics performance can be effectively increased, the stress concentration caused by buckling can be reduced, and the mechanics of fabric and composite material can be improved performance.

3. Because the thickness of the carbon fiber ultra-thin fabric is much smaller than that of the traditional woven fabric, the prepared prepreg has good paving performance and can meet the requirements of the pavement of complex surfaces and complex structures. The precision of the thickness of the prepared composite material can also be greatly improved improve.

4, Carbon fiber fabrics are widely used in the field of aviation, the carbon fiber fabric prepared into prepreg, autoclave molding process, the preparation of high-performance composite structural parts. Because of their advantages of small thickness and low density, the ultra-thin woven fabric can effectively improve the wettability of the resin, improve the high viscosity resin and improve the wettability of high viscosity resin, such as bismaleimide resin. In the autoclave molding process, since the resin in the prepreg can assume the shape of a monofilament-like carbon fiber ribbon, the applied pressure during the molding of the composite can be reduced.

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