Carbon fiber has many excellent properties, which is incomparable with other materials. It has many advantages such as low density, light weight, high tensile strength, high tensile modulus, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, creep resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, good biocompatibility and excellent shock absorption performance. But it is a brittle material, and the tensile strength is controlled by all kinds of defects.

Defects are divided into surface defects and internal defects. As for the source of defects, it can be divided into congenital defects and acquired defects. The former is derived from the original silk &ldquo, hereditary &rdquo, and the latter is produced in the process of production. Among the various defects of carbon fiber, the surface defect is about 90%, which is one of the main factors affecting the tensile strength. Scientists have done experiments to prove that the tensile strength of carbon fibers is constantly increasing because of the constant decrease in the size of the defects. That is to say, in 1980s, the size of the defect was large, it was micrometer, and the tensile strength of the fiber was below 4GPa, which was equivalent to the product T300 and T400 at that time. In the middle and late 1980s, the defect size has been controlled at sub micron level, and the tensile strength of carbon fiber has increased to about 7GPa, and the high-strength carbon fibers T700, T800 and T1000 have appeared. At the beginning of twenty-first Century, people are still taking various technical measures to continue to reduce the defect size, which is expected to increase the tensile strength of carbon fiber to about 1OGPa.

At present, the tensile strength of 9.03GPa PAN fiber has been developed in the laboratory. The basic idea of improving the tensile strength of carbon fiber is to reduce the size of all kinds of defects. After continuous research by scientists, it is believed that it will not be long before this problem can be solved thoroughly.

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