The adhesive is one of the carbon fiber composite material structure main connection method, compared with the mechanical connection, it has damaged safety, prevent crack propagation, do not need to connect, without holes caused by stress concentration, can obtain smooth aerodynamic advantages, but also cannot pass big load, peel strength low, difficult to control the quality defects of adhesive can not be taken apart. This article talks about the technical characteristics of the bonding process of carbon fiber composites.

1, the thermal expansion coefficient of CFRP along the fiber direction is very small (0.60× 10^-6~4.30×10^-6/ C). When it is bonded with other materials, because of the large difference of thermal expansion coefficient, it will produce large internal stress and deformation after curing at high temperature. Therefore, when the bonding connection is designed, it is possible to avoid the bonding of material with large thermal expansion coefficient.

2, because the interlaminar tensile strength of CFRP is low, it is not easy to peel off the adhesive layer as metal joints, but easy to peel off the ends of the CFRP. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use a simple single lap connection for the thicker adhesive parts.

3, the environmental effects, such as wet, hot and corrosive medium, have a significant influence on the bonding strength. If the component needs to work at high temperature, the thermal expansion coefficient of the selected adhesive should be similar to that of the adhesive. In addition, if the main component should bear East load, low modulus adhesive toughness.

4, the bonding of CFRP can be divided into three categories: CO curing, CO bonding and two times gluing. As far as possible, the way of CO curing is used, and its practicability is higher than that of the latter two categories.

With the wide use of carbon fiber composites, its size and structure become larger and larger, and the components become more and more complex.

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