The general direction of the development of carbon fiber composite materials will be expanded from the dual complex to multiple composite.

The main trend of the development of carbon fiber composites is structural materials, the future will be based on the structure of carbon fiber composite materials,

To functional and multi-functional carbon fiber composites; in weaving technology, from one-way to multi-directional development, fine-knit puncture process is an inevitable trend of development.

From machine knitting technology, foreign countries are moving from simple mechanization to highly mechanized, computerized and computerized fully automated development. For example, research in the United States has entered the stage of computer simulation.

In the application of carbon fiber composite materials, advanced aircraft have been developed to the general aviation and automotive fields,

Such as France and Japan carbon fiber composite materials used in general aviation industry and the automotive industry as a brake material.

The overall development trend of the applied research of the world carbon fiber composite materials is to develop in depth, to civilian and low cost.

In addition, porosity is an important part of the volume of the carbon fiber composite and is advantageous for ensuring impact resistance and thermal shock resistance.

The optimum number of pores and their effect on the properties of carbon fiber composites are worth studying.

Therefore, how to keep the carbon fiber composite material with certain pores and improve the high-temperature oxidation resistance is one of the key points in the future.

To sum up, the application of carbon fiber composite materials now ends in the field of aerospace into general aviation and other general industrial fields.

The use of carbon fiber composite materials in high-temperature structural parts in the non-space field will result in major technological changes in the non-space-related fields,

And change the market structure of carbon fiber composite applications, widely replace other materials.

It is estimated that in the first half of the 21st century, carbon fiber composites will become a very promising composite materials for high temperature applications.

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