Different production processes of carbon fiber products, the selected materials have a fundamental impact on the quality of the product, in addition to process and material differences in the want to obtain high-quality carbon fiber composite products for the control of process details is a key factor. In the market often encounter the same raw materials, the same process, but the huge difference between the quality of the product, the main reason is that the carbon fiber composite molding process control is not strictly caused, the following analysis for this problem.

Want to produce high-quality carbon fiber products, in addition to the need to make the best product design, raw materials and processes to make the best choice.

Carbon fiber composite materials production process is more complex, the current molding process can not be fully automated production, ease of production quality control is particularly important. Taking a resin-based carbon fiber composite material as an example, resin curing is a complicated process of material and component formation at the same time, which includes the change of the chemical structure of the substrate and the interface condition of the substrate and the reinforcement material on the one hand and the part design shape The primary control problem of process quality is to reduce the forming cycle while ensuring the quality of workpieces. Good quality is required to compact parts, curing uniform, appropriate, porosity and residual stress as low as possible, but also to avoid artifacts such as warping defects.

Carbon fiber composite material forming process quality in addition to the material properties, material status, equipment performance, equipment status outside. But also by tools, temperature, pressure, humidity and many other factors together, showing great unpredictability and variability, precise control is very difficult. Generally speaking, the quality control of forming process of carbon fiber composites includes two meanings: First, how to determine the most reasonable curing specification including the corresponding relationship between process parameters such as temperature and pressure and time; second, how to ensure the accurate implementation of the curing specification To ensure the true process and curing the strict standards. For these purposes, a variety of process control methods have been developed, such as curing theory models and computer simulations, real-time monitoring of forming processes, statistical forming process control and experience control methods.

Carbon fiber composite process control is very important otherwise it will have many defects, resulting in product quality instability, a direct impact on product quality, high-end products in the carbon fiber custom processing, we must first make a survey of the manufacturer’s production environment and company strength.

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