Carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites is one of the most advanced composite materials at present. It has higher strength, higher modulus, fatigue resistance, smaller thermal expansion coefficient, higher seismic and X ray transmittance and wide range of application. The space military field can be used for UAVs, rockets and artificial satellites. The field of transportation can be used for automobile parts and high-speed rail parts; sports products can be used for skiing and golf clubs; mechanical fields can be used for mechanical arms, mechanical shields, transmission shafts, etc. This article tells you about the properties of carbon fiber resin matrix composites.

Carbon fiber resin matrix composites have the following advantages:

1. The strength is high and the weight is light. The density of carbon fiber resin matrix composites is only 1.6g/cm^3, only 1/4 of steel and 1/2 of aluminum alloy, which is lighter than that of glass steel. The strength is far higher than that of glass steel, steel and aluminum alloy, and the quality is light and high strength.

2. Fatigue resistance. Carbon fiber resin matrix composites can only be damaged when they bear the ultimate strength of 90%, and the steel can only bear 50% of the ultimate strength.

3. The coefficient of thermal expansion is low. The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber resin matrix composites is very low, it is not easy to deform, and the stability is good.

4. Wear resistance. Carbon fiber is a disorderly graphite structure with good self lubrication and is suitable for friction and wear materials.

5, the transmittance of X light is high. The X – ray transmittance of carbon fiber resin matrix composites is far greater than that of aluminum, and can be used in medical equipment (such as X ray machine).

The purpose of the composite material is to make it have the best performance, so there is a certain requirement for the carbon fiber resin composite. First of all, fiber is the main bearing component, with high strength and high modulus, in order to play the whole material advantage; secondly, enhancement can form a certain strength between fiber and matrix interface for load transfer; finally, the size and distribution of content, carbon fiber in composite materials must be suitable.

Carbon fiber materials can be made into different products according to different processing and forming processes.

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