Customize short cut and cnc machining carbon fiber tubes rods pipes

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short cut carbon tube

Customize short cut and  cnc machining carbon  fiber tube/poles/boom/pipes for DIY project, multicopter,helicopter, drones.

About Customize short cut and  cnc machining carbon  fiber tube, please provide drawing document.

About surface:  3K weave on inside and outside, 3K weave on surfacer ,  Uni-directional surface, LOGO printing is available.

Carbon fiber roll wrapped tube inner diameter (ID)= mould’s diameter.   we usually make 1meter in length, customize tube is welcome.  please advise the OD*ID*length to us.

For  example,   4mm ID,  outer diameter can be 5mm(wall thickness: 0.5mm) , 6mm(wall thickness: 1mm), 7mm(wall thickness: 1.5mm), 8mm(wall thickness: 2mm) and so on.

Carbon Fiber tube size will  be :     5*4*1000mm        6*4*1000mm       7*4*1000mm        8*4*1000mm

Please contact us to choose the Outer Diameter (OD),  Inner diameter (ID) and Length .

Mould NO Diameter & Length(MM) Mould NO Diameter & Length(MM)
CT004 4*1350 CT027 28*2200
CT005 5*1200 CT029 29*1500
CT006 6*1350 CT030 30*1800
CT007 7*1200 CT031 31*1500
CT008 8*1300 CT032 32*2000
CT009 9*1300 CT033 33*1510
CT010 10*1200 CT034 34*1500
CT011 11*1200 CT035 35*1200
CT012 12*1300 CT036 36*1560
CT013 13*1500 CT037 37*1500
CT014 14*1500 CT038 38*1460
CT015 15*1800 CT039 39*1810
CT016 16*1350 CT040 40*1490
CT017 17*1490 CT041 41*1560
CT018 18*1660 CT042 42*1560
CT019 19*1350 CT044 44*2100
CT019 19*1500 CT046 46*1570
CT020 20*1300 CT047 47*1560
CT021 21*1500 CT048 48*1500
CT022 22*1500 CT050 50*1500
CT023 23*1500 CT058 58*1550
CT024 24*1500 CT052 52*1550
CT025 25*1500 CT065 65*1510
CT026 26*2000 CT098 98*1000
CT027 27*1500

If you can not find your ideal  ID  in the list.   do not worry, we can build mould for it.

please rest assured to contact  us, we will  make your design come true.



Regular Size Of roll wrapped carbon fiber tube

carbon fiber tubes 6mm OD  *4mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 7mm OD  *5mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 8mm OD  *6mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 10mm OD  *8mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 12mm OD  *10mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 14mm OD  *12mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 15mm OD  *13mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 16mm OD  *14mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 16mm OD  *15mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 18mm OD  *16mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 20mm OD  *18mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 22mm OD  *20mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 24mm OD  *22mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 25mm OD  *23mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 26mm OD  *24mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 28mm OD  *25mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 30mm OD  *27mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 30mm OD  *28mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 32mm OD  *30mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 32mm OD  *28mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 35mm OD  *32mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 40mm OD  *36mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 44mm OD  *40mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 50mm OD  *47mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 100mm OD  *98mm ID *1000mm length

Features and Application:

. Noble appearance, light weight,high strength,durable

. low coefficient of thermal expansion

. heat resistance and corrosion resistance

. widely used in RC model,  Agricultural equipment, fishing equipment,machinary, automobile,sports equipment, kite, handicraft, tent, windmill,umbrella,decorating parts and so on.


main products

  •  CNC carbon fiber sheet and cnc carbon fiber tube,include CNC cutting, chamfer, drill hole, countersinking.

  • 3K full carbon fiber sheet, 3K full carbon fiber tube,with twill weave matte surface,twill weave glossy surface, plain weave matte surface and plain weave glossy surface.

  • Pultruded carbon fiber components,include tube,squre tube and rod.

  • Fiberglass tube,with black or colour surface.

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