Customize Red carbon fiber /Glassfiber Tube

Glassfiber tube with red carbon fiber surface,the glassfiber tube with Electroplated cloth,bright color and good quality.


Carbon Fiber Tubes we can manufacture:

6mm*4mm 7mm*4mm 7mm*5mm 8mm*6mm 9mm*7mm 10mm*8mm
12mm*10mm 12mm*11mm 13mm*10mm 13mm*11mm 13mm*12mm 14mm*12mm
14mm*12mm 14mm*13mm 15mm*13mm 15mm*12mm 16mm*14mm 16mm*15mm
16mm*12mm 18mm*16mm 18mm*15mm 18mm*14mm 19mm*17mm 20mm*18mm
20mm*18mm 21mm*19mm 23mm*21mm 24mm*22mm 25mm*23mm 26mm*24mm
27mm*25mm 28mm*26mm 29mm*27mm 30mm*28mm 32mm*30mm 35mm*32mm
37mm*35mm 38mm*36mm 40mm*38mm 46mm*45mm 47mm*45mm 47mm*44mm
50.8mm*47mm 44mm*42mm 42mm*40mm 64mm*61mm 68mm*66mm 72mm*68mm
75mm*72mm 78mm*76mm 89mm*86mm 91mm*89mm 93mm*91mm 95mm*92mm
100mm*98mm 103mm*101mm 104mm*101mm 114mm*112mm