CNC carbon fiber sheet cutting for UAV/drone bodies

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)/drone industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and various brands of UAV/drone have appeared successively, and they are constantly updating. UAV/drone frame is an important part of UAV/drone product design. In order to ensure the bearing capacity and prolong the endurance of the UAV/drone, UAV/drone frame needs large rigidity and light weight. At present, the UAV/drone frame generally adopts engineering plastics, but it is gradually replaced by carbon fiber composite. Carbon fiber composites are lightweight, high stiffness, high strength, and can be made into a variety of shape structure. It is the best material for the UAV/drone frame, and it can not be replaced.

CNC carbon fiber sheet cutting for UAV/drone body

carbon fiber sheets are used in UAV/drone body

Carbon fiber composites is light and high strength, physical and chemical properties are very good, UAV/drone frame and other aircraft frame are inclined to use this new high-tech materials, welcomed by people.

cnc carbon fiber cutting for drone

The aircraft’s body is made of carbon fiber plate,and arms are carbon fiber tubes

Performance: aluminum alloy weight is low, according to the addition of alloying elements of different density in general about 2.2~2.8g/cm^3, the tensile strength is about 300MPa.But the density of carbon fiber composite is about 1.8g/cm^3, tensile strength is greater than 2000MPa, it reduce the accident in use process, high safety, long service life.

carbon fiber tube and plant protection uav

  Carbon fiber tubes are used in plant protection uav arms and supports

carbon fiber tubes are used in aircraft

           Carbon fiber tubes are used in aerial drone arms and supports

Carbon fiber UAV/drone frame has specific advantages:

1, light and high strength. The carbon fiber UAV/drone frame weight is only 1/4 of the steel, but tensile strength is more than four times as much as the steel, and the carbon fiber material composites stability is very good.

2, anti-aging, long service life. Different from metal materials, carbon fiber composites has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, rust prevention and salt fog resistance, so carbon fiber UAV/drone can be used for a long time.

3, good safety, good impact resistance, high design. The high strength of carbon fiber composites can withstand the strong resistance to flight, careless operation errors, impact on other items, do not worry about damage.

3, beautiful appearance. Black woven  lines of carbon fiber composites are very fashionable and popular among young people.

carbon fiber reinforced polymer and aircraft

The whole aircraft body(include  rotor blades) is made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer


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