The roller is a kind of supporting rotating part, which is revolving with it to transfer motion. It is an important part of torque or bending moment. What are the requirements for the production of carbon fiber rollers, how to maintain daily, and discuss these problems today.

Production requirements:

To ensure the quality of products first, have holes, grooves and other defects in carbon fiber roller working surface, the surface thickness should be uniform, otherwise it will make the temperature of roller surface is not uniform, which affects the quality of products. Therefore, the surface of the carbon fiber roller should be fine processed to ensure the dimension precision and the surface smoothness.

Rigidity is also a necessary condition for carbon fiber roller. Under load condition, the bending deformation can not exceed the allowable value of material (under certain load type and environmental conditions, the value of composite mechanics performance is determined after statistical analysis according to the specified requirements).

The surface of the carbon fiber roller needs to work for a long time, so it must be resistant to corrosion and wear resistance, and the hardness should also be reached to a certain standard.

In terms of improving production efficiency, we need some light materials, reduce inertia and speed up, which effectively reduces energy consumption and improves production efficiency.

Daily maintenance:

Maintenance is to extend the service life, this work has to be done well.

A powerful tool will cause you to do something beyond your capabilities for a long time, so it will always backfire, so avoid carbon fiber roller overload. Clean up the foreign objects on the carbon fiber roller regularly, check the soldering of the roller shell and the end cover, and find out the problem to be solved in time.

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