Carbon fiber tube can also be called carbon fiber tube and carbon tube. The carbon fiber prepreg resin is pultrusion and winding. The winding pipe has our familiar knitting lines, the pultrusion pipe has no pattern, and the whole body is black. Carbon fiber is an anisotropic material, which has different strength and thermal expansion coefficient. It is brittle and mechanical.

The most common processing methods for CFRP processing are connection and drilling. To begin with drilling, it takes a lot of technology to drill holes in carbon fiber tubes. It is said that the performance of carbon fiber tubes in different directions is different, and the strength is high and the brittleness is big. It can’t be bored by too little force. The price of carbon fiber tube is expensive, and the loss of material is great. So the control of the force is particularly important. The drill bit should also be of good quality.

There are three main methods of carbon fiber pipe connection, the first is the use of epoxy resin connection, the second is the use of its own structure, and the third is the drilling connection. The epoxy resin is powerful and is a good adhesive and curing agent. Many carbon fiber products need to be used in the process of forming. The structure and force are considered in connection with its own structure, and the joint material may also be used.

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