The first carbon fiber in the world is extracted from cellulose. The most famous example is Edison incandescent filament. However, polyacrylonitrile has become the raw material for producing carbon fiber. Because of this material, it has high conversion rate and good product quality. High strength carbon fiber precursor can be produced if the highly guided artificial fibers are completely impregnated with silicon oil before carbonization. The carbon fiber board, carbon fiber tube or other carbon fiber products we have seen are made of raw silk. This article tells you about the processing of carbon fiber materials.

Carbon fiber tube: carbon fiber tube is wound by winding. First, the mold is coated on the core mold, then the carbon fiber tow is prepredipped with the resin and wound to the core mold, and then the die is solidified. It can be processed into fishing rod, flagpole, support, golf club, aircraft wing skeleton, and so on.

Carbon fiber rod: the carbon fiber rod is molded by pultrusion, which is formed by pultrusion of the resin after the resin impregnated with carbon fiber and under the action of traction. It is mainly used as a structural material, such as a kite skeleton and a lamp bracket.

Carbon fiber cloth: carbon fiber cloth is the precursor of carbon fiber woven, woven according to the different methods, with plain weave, twill, satin, one-way and two-way, not decorative cloth, also slightly different, such as the strength of unidirectional cloth are concentrated in one direction, the intensity of dispersion in bidirectional cloth two directions.

Carbon fiber board: the material for making carbon fiber board is carbon fiber cloth and resin, and the carbon fiber cloth is stacked up according to the required thickness and prepreg resin is pressurized. Its main purpose is to strengthen and strengthen the building.

Carbon fiber products: flat products only need to be processed with carbon fiber sheet CNC, irregular irregular parts need to be moulded, and then molded with carbon fiber cloth. It can be seen in all walks of life.

Carbon fiber materials can be processed into these products, and the share of carbon fiber in the material market is becoming more and more large.

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