As an advanced material, CFRP has superior performance and has been used in many fields, such as aerospace, automotive high-speed rail, medical devices, sports instruments, machinery and so on. With the increase of its use, more and more mechanical processing, especially in the assembly, is inevitable to carry out a large number of holes processing. The strength of carbon fiber is high, but the brittleness is large and the processing is difficult. The defects and corresponding methods of carbon fiber processing are discussed below.

Analysis of the formation of defects:

1. To drill holes in carbon fiber composites, because of the strong bearing capacity and relatively small defects at the entrance, the defects are easily produced at the outlet due to low interlayer strength. The actual operation shows that the formation of defects is a complex process, and the effect of drilling force makes the material delamination, retreat and defect expansion.

2, the direction of fiber has a great influence on the formation of defects. The angle between cutting direction and fiber direction is &alpha, &alpha, and the burr is most likely to occur near critical value. Under the action of cutting force, the shear force decreases with the decrease of &alpha value.

3, the axial force is the main factor of the defect formation. The experiment shows that the tear factor increases with the increase of the axial force.

Corresponding methods:

1. In view of the characteristics of carbon fiber composite material, such as large hardness, serious heat, sensitive to cutting, and so on, the method of grinding is used. For example, the cutting principle of an electroplated super hard abrasive drill is different from that of a common drill. The essence of the drill is to wear the drill.

2. Use the new PCD tool. The PCD composite film not only has high hardness, high wear resistance, high thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient is low, high strength and high toughness, cutting of high strength carbon fiber material be nothing difficult.

3, select the reasonable cutting angle. In addition to the choice of cutting tools, the process parameters are also very important, and a reasonable cutting scheme is designed according to the specific product.

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